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Designed to be more than just a static print replica, it transforms your print edition into live and engaging premium digital content. Gain greater control and insight into your publishing process and reader behavior.

Our digital eEdition ODN brings even more customization options and a wealth of features that will enable publishers to more deeply extend their publications’ content experiences and provides monetization opportunities which were never available before in their eEdition, including Digital Advertising, Subscription Management & Paywall and Digital Archive.

There are many e-Paper apps out there - but none with our key features:

  • Our e-Edition is an engaging, live and up-to-date content application – not just a print replica.
  • ODN is fully integrated with your overall digital strategy  and content journey – website, social, mobile, CMS, and print.
  • Proven success stories for a real revenue opportunities, growth in subscriptions and monetization programs.
  • Fully customized for your brand  – with Olive you are not one of many. Customize the UI, content and advertising based your readers preferability.

See ODN in Action

Main exclusive features

Trusted and

Organized in the same page-by-page format that the readers are familiar with in print.

Beautiful and convenient article reading mode

Adjust the font size, listen to the text, translated to any language, print share and more.

More than just a print replica

Your readers will get much more than their favorite print edition –  breaking news, video and image galleries, interactive content such as live crosswords, games and more.

Fully integrated with your website and overall digital strategy

Each print edition story is linked to a live update from your website.


True HTML5 Web Apps and unique Hybrid Native Apps technology provides responsive UI and dynamic content layout, ensuring optimal reading experience on any device.

Unique protected offline reading technology for our web apps

Read securely online or offline without internet connection.

Special "digest" view

For quick reading even on slow cellular connection.

Complete control and insights

One-touch access for analytics, content enhancement, production scheduling, paywall control and more.  Test market new publications by inserting new pages, adding videos and running special promotions.

Full range of Olive’s monetization programs

Programmatic advertising, inserts, native ads and sponsorships.

Flexible implementation

Can be implemented with a direct feed to your CMS or without a CMS feed, using our Intelligent PDF to  XML conversion.

Improve Tracking

Understand your readers demographics and their wants and needs. Customize content and advertising based on your readers’ preferability.

Complementary paywall and content marketing automation solutions

Go beyond and provide new e-commerce marketing opportunity.

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